Program for 5 days/week from 8:30am -2:00pm
Pre-kindergarten four-year-old children need to master play to be ready, developmentally speaking, for kindergarten. While their activities can be classified as play, play is serious work. Dramatic play with others teaches social-emotional regulation and begins to form self-identity; constructive play allows for expressing creativity while learning about math and science concepts, physical play continues to build muscular coordination; exploring culture and science through books, projects, art and music encourages cognitive development. Recognizing all of these experiences are valuable, we have designed the Pre-K classroom to facilitate play and exploration in a manner conducive to kindergarten readiness. Ivy Vine Preschool has chosen the Creative Curriculum by Teaching Strategies as the framework for designing the curriculum for the Pre-Kindergarten class.


Program Days:
Monday - Friday

Additional Info

Additional Fees:

  • Annual Registration Fee – $230 per student (max of $330/family)
  • Semester Supply Fee – $125 per semester (Due at the beginning of each semester)
  • Extended Care – Click here to view our extended care option


Available Discounts:

*Only one discount per family is permitted. You may choose the discount that is most beneficial to your budget.

  • Prepayment Discount – 5% off per student if paying semester in full
  • Sibling Discount – 5% off tuition only (applied to youngest student)
  • Genesis Discount – 10% off tuition (only available for members of Genesis Church. Discount does not apply to registration or supply fees. Member status is subject to review of Genesis Church’s people database)