Monday-Friday from 8:00am -3:00pm
E-Learning is available for students grades K-5th. A certified teacher will be available to assist students with E-Learning and virtual meetings while conducting one-on-one meetings to ensure students are comprehending and learning material so they stay on track academically and socially. Ivy Vine offers small, safe classrooms (8 students per classroom) and a consistent environment for your student to learn, while also providing positive social interactions for this upcoming semester.
*One semester commitment required.
**Students must be enrolled in a public school district and Ivy Vine simultaneously.


Program Days:
Monday - Friday

Additional Info

Additional Fees:

  • Annual Registration Fee – Waived
  • Semester Supply Fee – Wavied


Available Discounts:

*Only one discount per family is permitted. You may choose the discount that is most beneficial to your budget.

  • Prepayment Discount – 5% off per student if paying semester in full
  • Sibling Discount – 5% off tuition only (applied to youngest student)
  • Genesis Discount – 10% off tuition (only available for members of Genesis Church. Discount does not apply to registration or supply fees. Member status is subject to review of Genesis Church’s people database)